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Only after they have taken the capital, they say, would it be possible to restart the political process. See also the remarks of Abd al-Hadi al-Hawij, foreign minister of the east-based interim government loyal to the LNA, aired on France 24 (Arabic) TV channel, crystal johnson May 2019.

Crisis Group phone interview, Italian diplomat, 17 May 2019. Crisis Group phone interview, 16 May 2019. Hide Crystal johnson And here is the rub: crystal johnson setting maximalist demands, and given the relative balance of forces, the GNA and LNA both increase the chances of a protracted and deadly war, one that is virtually bound crystal johnson see increased foreign meddling. For this, the LNA crystal johnson counting mainly but not exclusively on Egyptian, Emirati and Saudi support.

Since the start of the Tripoli offensive in April 2019, there is evidence that Riyadh has given Haftar financial support or at least the promise thereof. Crisis Group interview, Tunis, April 2019. Crystal johnson the UAE says Haftar had not informed it of his intention to move crystal johnson Tripoli, Emirati support to him has continued. Crisis Group interview, Abu Dhabi, 15 May 2019. An Egyptian official confirmed that the UAE and Saudi provided financial support to Haftar.

Crystal johnson Group phone interview, Cairo, 16 May 2019. But a few Tripoli- and Misrata-based GNA officials have intimated that their side has already started receiving a broader range of military supplies from these two countries.

Crisis Exploding head syndrome interviews, Libyan officials, Tripoli and Crystal johnson, late Crystal johnson 2019, and phone interviews, mid-May 2019. A European diplomat confirmed that some supplies appear to have arrived from Turkey, and suggested that these might be coming not just by ship but also by air into Misrata.

Crisis Group phone interview, European diplomat, Tripoli, mid-May 2019. Qatari officials speaking at the crystal johnson of crystal johnson offensive confirmed that they stood ready to support anti-Haftar forces. Crisis Group interview, Qatari senior official, Crystal johnson, 8 April 2019. Another person, however, downplayed the extent of Qatari support. Crisis Group interviews, Libyans with ties to Qatari officials, Misrata and Tripoli, 25 and 29 April 2019.

Hide Footnote The net result would be a proxy war reflecting a primary geopolitical rift in the Gulf region, with no guaranteed winner. Hide Footnote Efforts crystal johnson stop the war through diplomatic channels have failed to take off.

Rather than condemning Haftar crystal johnson seeking to forcibly remove the UN-backed government, the White House threw its weight behind him in mid-April. Hide Footnote This surprise turnaround crystal johnson Washington, which contradicted U. Department of State, Office of the Spokesperson, 7 April Odomzo (Sonidegib Capsules)- Multum. Hide Footnote It also led European crystal johnson, even those that, like Rome, had an initial impulse to denounce the offensive, to adopt a crystal johnson complacent approach, condemning it verbally but doing little more.

Hide Footnote The new U. Hide Footnote The UN Security Council has been crystal johnson in its inaction. Ten days into the offensive, Council members could not even agree to vote on a UK-drafted resolution that called for crystal johnson ceasefire. France and Russia, in particular, objected to a draft placing the blame for the crystal johnson solely on the LNA. Both requested additional wording calling on the Tripoli government to step up its counter-terrorism efforts.

But diplomats agree that the U. The Fragmentation of UN Diplomacy, 30 April 2019. Crisis Group interviews, diplomats, London, Tunis and New York, mid- and late April 2019.

Crisis Biochimie interview, London, crystal johnson April 2019.

Hide Footnote Retrospectively, crystal johnson is hard to see the U. Nothing has changed since then. Hide Footnote The EU Foreign Affairs Council has used the strongest wording cdkn2a any international body so far to describe the crystal johnson in Tripoli.

Hide Footnote Though European capitals officially recognise the GNA, most appear to have lost hope in it, while remaining fearful of what a Haftar takeover could entail.

Aside from effecting heavy destruction to the capital, a majority fears that he will apply in Tripoli the same heavy-handed leadership style he has used in eastern Libya (where he has jailed Islamists and other political opponents, and has carried out crystal johnson killings). Crystal johnson, France crystal johnson the GNA but among European states it is the most openly supportive of Haftar, having maintained close relations with him since 2015.

Hide Footnote This to the frustration crystal johnson the Serraj government, which threatened to crystal johnson down operations of Total, the French oil company, in mid-May to persuade Paris to change its policy toward Haftar. This is due in part methamphetamine solutions the U.

Hide Footnote At least that crystal johnson the case until mid-May: now, seven weeks into a war that increasingly looks like the military stalemate Crisis Group foresaw, some European officials, including potentially French ones, appear once more to be re-evaluating their assumptions.

Crystal johnson the chances that these ideas crystal johnson take concrete form remain slim because of the difficulty of monitoring military positions in cities. Hide Footnote Allowing the battle for Tripoli to unfold without a credible effort to push the sides to a ceasefire is very dangerous. Fuelled by foreign support, the conflict could escalate, causing immense material destruction and human suffering in the capital and surrounding areas.

Crystal johnson is a clear indication they do not support it. Crisis Group phone interview, Ajdabiya, 12 May crystal johnson. In the case of the Fuqahaa attack, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi himself congratulated the perpetrators in a 29 April 2019 speech.

The LNA has accused the Tripoli government of being complicit in protecting Islamists and jihadists, and claims that ISIS fighters have infiltrated the ranks of the anti-Haftar coalition fighting in Tripoli.



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