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The man recognized him and stopped to speak to him. They tried to stop me coming. Someone should put a stop to him before he does any more damage. To plug up something, as a hole, space, or container:block, choke, clog, close, congest, cork, fill, plug.

To come to a cessation:arrest, belay, cease, check, discontinue, halt, leave off, quit, stall, surcease. Idiom: come to a halt. To prevent the occurrence or continuation of a movement, action, or operation:arrest, belay, cease, check, discontinue, halt, stall, stay, surcease. Idioms: bring to a standstill, call a halt to, put a stop to. To cause to cease regular activity:idle, immobilize, tie up. To cease trying to accomplish or continue:abandon, break off, desist, discontinue, give up, leave off, quit, relinquish, remit.

Idioms: call it a day, call it quits, hang up one's fiddle, have done with, throw in the towel. To desist from, cease, or discontinue (a habit, for example):break, cut out, give up, leave off. To go to or seek out the company of in order to socialize. By or in:call, come by, come over, drop by, drop in, look in, look up, pop in, run in, see, visit. Idiom: pay a visit. The act of stopping:cessation, check, cut-off, discontinuance, discontinuation, halt, stay, stoppage, surcease.

The condition of being stopped:cessation, discontinuance, discontinuation, halt, standstill, stoppage, surcease. A concluding or terminating:cease, cessation, close, closing, closure, completion, conclusion, consummation, end, ending, end of the line, finish, period, stopping point, termination, terminus, wind-up, wrap-up.

Something that impedes or prevents entry or passage:bar, barricade, barrier, block, blockage, clog, hamper, hindrance, hurdle, impediment, obstacle, obstruction, snag, traverse, wall. Something used to fill a hole, space, or container:choke, cork, fill, plug, stopper. This is my stopBUT Je descends ici. We all stopped talkingBUT Nous nous sommes tous tus. He stopped his ears with his hands when she started to shout at him.

Will you be stopping long at the hotel. Put a stop at the end of the sentence. The building was at last completed after many delays and stoppages. One of my stoppings has come out. We must put a stop to this waste. He'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. I stopped dead when I saw him. We stopped off at Edinburgh to see the castle.

Some rubbish got into the drain and stopped it up. Se me tapa la nariz. View in contextAnd like such a survivor of old red war who cries out, "Let there be no more war. View in contextThe train will be there in an hour, and will stop there ten minutes. View in contextSomebody ought to make him stop. Somebody ought to beat him. View in context"Does 'whoa' mean to stop.

View in contextI had mechanically turned in this latter direction, and was strolling along the lonely high-road--idly wondering, I remember, what the Cumberland young ladies would look like--when, in one moment, every drop of blood in my body was brought to a stop by the touch of a hand laid lightly and suddenly on my shoulder from behind me.

View in contextYou stop at the Schreiber--you'll find it full of Americans. View in contextHe felt as he swung his scythe that he was at the very end of his strength, and was making up his mind to ask Tit to stop. But at that very moment Tit stopped of his own accord, and stooping down picked up some grass, rubbed his scythe, and began whetting it. View in contextHe excited himself to such a degree that monseigneur called to him to stop. He must have heard the voice of monseigneur, because we who were close to him heard it.

View in contextBroken-Tooth stopped teetering, but the branch would not stop, and his body continued bobbing up and down with the rustling leaves. Addressing the UN General Assembly, Xi made the promise as he vowed to accelerate efforts to help the world battle the climate crisis.

China has gone on an infrastructure-building blitz around the world as part of its Belt and Road Initiative, and until now has been open to coal projects. China, however, has kept investing in coal at home, preserving a form of industry that is also politically sensitive in the United States. On a visit to China earlier this month, US climate envoy John Kerry said the United States has made it "clear that the addition of more coal plants represents a significant challenge to the efforts of the world to deal with the climate crisis.

The British government held an emergency meeting with small power suppliers on Tuesday, and by the late afternoon Igloo, Green, Ampower, Utilita and NEO Energy had posted notices on their websites saying they were closed to new business. Hours later, the regulator demanded five small companies pay overdue levies owed to the government. And in another sign of tension, three companies - Delta, Ampower and Avro - were issued orders that they had failed to present enough collateral to trade power.

Elexon, which settles trades and ensures electricity generators and suppliers pay and are paid the right amount, released the statements late on Tuesday. After days of talks, the U. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has warned the next few days will be challenging as the crisis deepens. The government is considering supporting the transfer of customers from failed retailers to other supplies by offering the companies loans, he said.

Kwarteng and Jonathan Brearley, the CEO of gas and power markets regulator Ofgem, met with a group of small energy suppliers on Tuesday following several days of emergency talks with larger groups.

Valneva shares plummeted on the news from the UK, the only country that had made a commitment to buy its vaccine. Government unveils plans to rely on vaccines to contain the spread of the virus rather than impose further lockdowns.

Reno-Tahoe International Airport strives to offer the best air service available for Reno, Lake Tahoe and our surrounding region that includes Carson City, Fallon, Gardnerville, Minden, Nev. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Site Map Twitter Facebook. Mansukh MandaviyaThe results are in: Artificial intelligence outperforms humans at reading chest x-rays for signs of tuberculosis 17 September - Announcing the Challenge Facility for Civil Society Round 10 GranteesAnnouncing the Challenge Facility for Civil Society Round 10 GranteesUSD 7.

Mansukh Mandaviya, as the new Chair of the Stop TB Partnership Board with immediate effect and until 2024. The results are in: Artificial intelligence outperforms humans at reading chest x-rays for signs of tuberculosis Lancet Digital Health just published the new ground-breaking study by the Stop TB Partnership, showing that artificial intelligence (AI) by far outperformed experienced human radiologists in diagnosing tuberculosis (TB). TB REACH Wave 9 funds over USD 6 million to strengthen the fight against drug-resistant TBExperts from the Stop TB Partnership, researchers, and civil society representatives called on world leaders today to deliver new, effective, safe, equitable, and affordable tuberculosis (TB) vaccines by 2025.

Stop TB and experts sound the alarm on urgent investments needed for new TB vaccinesExperts from the Stop TB Partnership, researchers, and civil society representatives called on world leaders today to deliver new, effective, safe, equitable, and affordable tuberculosis (TB) vaccines by 2025.