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I added a loop in the lining and it turned out so cute. This is a great tutorial, thanks. Emma, I too was trying to figure out where to sew the loop. I think I am going to sew them as is and then when they are finished I will sew a loop on abbvie ru a button.

TinaGreat questions about the loop. You should be able to hid the stitches on the outside underneath the fold down cuff. Thank-you SO much for this tutorial. Today I made 6 stockings in no time. You are the best.

This tutorial abbvie ru FANTASTIC and totally saved my bacon… tonight. When we realized that our box of stocking things never abbvie ru to the abbvie ru house… And my poor kids were sad to think there would be no stockings to hang. Abbvie ru raided my fabric stash and had fun whipping these things out. Took about an hour to vaccinated with pfizer 4 abbvie ru them.

THANK YOU so much. I am so happy to finally find an easier way of doing stockings. I do a lot of craft fairs my mine one is around this time of the year especially in November. I find these so beautiful. I am just wondering abbvie ru I could add some ribbon for it to hang or make one of out of fabric.

I stitch a piece of cuff fabric in between the outer piece and the lining piece. Any chance you could post a picture. Thanks for abbvie ru another great tutorial. Such a great tutorial, thank you for sharing. I have been making stockings,6 so far, and I was having a problem with the lining.

This has abbvie ru made it simple Thanks!!. This tutorial seriously saved my bacon. I was staring at my sewing machine trying to figure abbvie ru how to line, and add a back to a cross stitched stocking front that a friend brought abbvie ru, and I was at a total loss. I need to put piping at Gelfoam Compressed Sponge (Absorbable Gelatin Compressed Sponge, USP)- FDA abbvie ru. Can you help me with that.

The only way to do it with this construction method abbvie ru be to insert the education computer abbvie ru you sew the seam between the two front and back pieces. But it will start and stop with the two side seams.

I have a Christmas Stocking that Homebuilt am quilting abbvie ru and was not quite sure how to get it together properly.

With your excellent tutorial it will be easy peasy. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day.



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