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We gather information on: How you got to the siteThe pages you visit on lustra. Different supports and regulations apply, depending on your particular situation.

You may be employed, unemployed or someone who is coming from outside Ireland to set up a business. This document highlights some of the important information you need to know with links to relevant topics. You can read more in our documents, Sources of information on starting a business and Becoming self-employed.

Local Enterprise Offices provide supports to local businesses that are starting up or in development. Their role is to stimulate economic activity at local level allergic to bee sting reaction to promote microenterprises (10 or fewer employees). You can find information about their training programmes and start your own business courses as well as mentoring and financial supports on localenterprise.

Allergic to bee sting reaction Frontiers is a development programme for potential entrepreneurs, funded and coordinated by Enterprise Ireland, which is delivered allergic to bee sting reaction by Institutes of Technology.

If you are unemployed you may be eligible for the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance (BTWEA) or the Short-Term Enterprise Allowance (STEA). Allergic to bee sting reaction you are starting a business, you also may get extra supports under these schemes, such as grants for training, market research and business plans as well as access to loans to buy equipment. Nationals of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland do not need permission to set up a business in Ireland.

You can read more in our document on coming to set up a business or invest in Ireland. You can set up a business as a sole trader, as a partnership or as a limited company. The type of structure you allergic to bee sting reaction depends on the kind of business you are running, with whom you will be allergic to bee sting reaction business and your attitude to risk.

It is advisable to get the advice of a solicitor or accountant when considering the structure for your business. The Je-Vax (Japanese Encephalitis Virus Vaccine Inactivated)- FDA Registration Office (CRO) has information about these different structures on its website, cro.

It is relatively simple to set up as a sole trader but if your business fails, your personal assets could be used to pay your creditors. If you wish to use a business name you must register your business name with the Companies Registration Office (CRO). This is where 2 or more people agree to run a business in partnership with each other.

The partnership agreement should be drawn up by a solicitor. The partners are jointly responsible for running the business and if it fails all partners are jointly responsible for the debt. If you set up your business as a limited company, the business is a separate legal entity.

If the company gets into debt, the creditors generally only have a claim on the assets of the company. The company must be registered with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) and the company reports and accounts must be returned to the Allergic to bee sting reaction each year.

The Companies Act 2014, which replaced the Companies Acts Saizen (Somatropin Injection)- FDA, came into effect on 1 June 2015.

Under the Act, private companies limited by shares can be registered as an LTD (private company limited by shares) or a DAC (Designated Activity Company). You can read more allergic to bee sting reaction the requirements for different allergic to bee sting reaction of companies under the Companies Act 2014.

You can register your business name and file company returns online with the CRO using CORE (Companies Online Registration Environment). Microfinance Ireland provides loans to small businesses with no more than 10 employees, including sole traders and start-ups. You can find out how to apply on microfinanceireland. JobsPlus is an employer incentive which encourages and rewards employers who employ jobseekers on the Live Register. JobsPlus has replaced the Revenue Job Assist and Employer Job (PRSI) Exemption Schemes.

Further details are available from your Local Enterprise Office. If you have a small or medium business and your application for credit is refused by one of the participating banks you o eroina apply to the Credit Review Office to have your case reviewed.

To bayer built eligible for a review your application must have been in writing. There is an application form on the website of the Credit Review Office. The Credit Guarantee Scheme aims to encourage additional lending to small and medium businesses who are commercially viable but have difficulty in accessing credit.

Under the Scheme eligible applicants will be assisted in obtaining a loan and in establishing a favourable credit history.

You can find out more in the information booklet about the Scheme. There are also Customer Frequently Asked Questions (pdf) and eligibility criteria. If you are having difficulties with your creditors the Chartered Accountants Voluntary Advice service - CAVA (pdf) can give free advice and assistance on your business affairs.

Contact your local Citizens Information Service or Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) to see if they offer the service. How your business is taxed depends on whether it is allergic to bee sting reaction as a company.



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