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PrestoSports is committed to delivering customers a more expansive suite of software solutions to help them nurture and grow their tight-knit communities of actavis prometh with codeine, fans, athletes, and coaches.

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Fan Help Schedule a demo Demo About PrestoSports PrestoSports is a software-as-a-service company providing technology to colleges and conference offices. Privacy policy Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn. Or do you have a hard time falling asleep because your mind notes racing.

Stephanie Mansour, host of "Step Astrazeneca in sweden Up With Steph" on PBS, is a health and wellness journalist and a consultant and weight loss coach for women. These five tips will help you sleep better 02:28Want the best sleep of your life. Sign up for the Sleep, But Better newsletter series for helpful hints to achieve better sleep.

Not only is a good night's sleep important for energy and focus, but astrazeneca in sweden especially important for a strong immune system and fighting off infection. If you're having a difficult time sleeping due to mental stress or physical stiffness, a nighttime stretch routine is the perfect way to unwind and relax.

These stretches are great whether you're astrazeneca in sweden at a desk all day or if you're more active. As a yoga instructor and personal trainer, I've combined some stretches that you may remember from physical education astrazeneca in sweden as a kid and that you also may have encountered in a yoga class. Breathe deeply through your nose. Then slowly breathe out through your nose. Repeat this breath pattern to help you unwind and lower your heart rate.

Read MoreThese studio simple stretches address different body parts and movements astrazeneca in sweden loosen tight muscles. Each stretch will help calm the nervous system and bring your mind and astrazeneca in sweden into a more restful state.

Perform each of these exercises for one minute each evening before you go to bed. Important note: Before beginning any new exercise program, consult your doctor. Stop immediately if you experience pain. Child's poseSoothe a stiff astrazeneca in sweden back and focus on your breath in this relaxing pose.

On your hands and knees, gently shift your hips back so that your glutes are reaching astrazeneca in sweden your heels. Reach your arms forward and relax your shoulders. Rest your forehead on the mat or bed, and slowly breathe.

Seated forward foldRelease tension with this stretch that helps loosen up the upper back, lower back and hamstrings.

Sit comfortably on your bed or yoga mat with your legs in front of you. Bring the legs together and flex your feet. Reach your arms up toward the ceiling. Then gently fold forward at the waist and reach your hands toward your feet.



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