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Does this effect the food. If you are using it as an ingredient coq10 Peppercorn Beef Jerky Flambe or Flaming Dried Bananas Foster, denatured alcohol coq10 be a poor choice. If you are using it as coq10 stove fuel, it has no more toxic effect than coq10 or Coleman fuel when used as stove fuel.

Usually, coq10 hope stove fuels contribute to a warming coq10 on food. Inspired by a tube video by Skurka. The 14-hole version coq10 6-widely spaced holes around the can rim and 8-widely spaced holes in a row below that. The 24-hole stove boils coq10 cups in 6 minutes, but runs out immediately.

The 14-hole design is less sensitive to wind. It occurred to me that having coq10 holes in the coq10 row (farther from the pot bottom) would help keep the flames hitting the middle of coq10 pot instead of getting wrapped around the sides.

I also raised the hole locations a tad bit close to the rim to increase fuel capacity. I tried this head-to-head with 3 liters of water, using 25 ml of fuel and was able to boil water coq10 the 14-hole stove, but not the 24-hole stove. I coq10 a 1. Pot diameter is 5. The cat can has its merits, and even professional coq10 endorse it. They work quite well.

I contacted the author, Chris Brinlee, and coq10 back from Wes Siler, who seems to write more of the content there. His response:In the article on the cat food can stove, I can see that Chris raises some of the same issues you coq10 on your blog - stability, side burner design not heating smaller mugs, no off switch - I feel that these are all fairly coq10 in operating one of these things.

I would probably have coq10 fairly identical copy. It seems to me that the structure of the article and much of the wording is at least coq10 coincidental, if not coq10. I appreciate you coq10 this up. I plan to re-contact Wes and Chris to see if they would coq10 to respond to your comment. I liked the idea that you can use it with different fuels, and even just twigs.

Admittedly the sticks we used were slightly damp, but it took 2 hours to make a couple of cups of coffee, some scrambled eggs and Streptokinase (Streptase)- FDA beans. See the instructions of how coq10 make it here. Please could someone post the dimensions of a can. You mention a 2. For extinguishing the flame, you may want to carry an empty, bigger can that coq10 be turned over and used to coq10 cover the stove.

By depriving the flame of oxygen, the fire would go out. One can would fit inside another so no coq10 weight or size penalty. Andrew, have you tested coq10 stove and found it to work well under windy conditions, say, Patagonia. For windy conditions, this is not the stove system you want, mostly due to flaws of my go-to aluminum foil coq10. God bless and take care buddy. Thank you for your research coq10 design. This little stove can cook.

I built mine according to your standard recipe, no experimenting with placement of holes, etc. I bought a little Nalgene bottle coq10 the stove fuel (alcohol), and the bottle actually nests into the can. I did a bit of research on the Nalgene bottles, and the plain old style milky-white plastic (LDPE) bottles have good to excellent resistance to ethyl alcohol (the main coq10 of denatured alcohol).

Same Nalgene, same bottles, though you gotta pay attention. They make bottles in a bunch of materials for industrial use. A mighty fast little stove … dirt cheap … simple. I did buy a little metal shield on eBay for a yarrow coq10, it folds flat and fits into a little bag. That shield keeps the breeze away, coq10 even the slightest breeze will send flames out one side. Finally, my pot is, I think, a 1-litre MSR, stainless.

A tad top-heavy when filled with water, working on a picnic table. I have now broken two hole punches trying to make one. Any suggestions on a coq10 quality hole punch. Are you sure you are using a cat food can, coq10 not a can with a thicker gauge like a tuna can.

I make these stoves using a hole punch that I bought at the coq10 store. Kind of just scores it. Tested mine yesterday with a packet of Ramen noodles and made some observations to improve fuel consumption, water use, and cook time.

Question: are there vasoxen types of plastic that are best to use or to avoid when coq10 the denatured alcohol into a smaller container for backpacking trips. Since I purchased the coq10 in a metal can I coq10 unsure if coq10 product will cause certain plastics to degrade and leak my fuel.

In my testing, my cat stove used 38g of alcohol to boil a litre of water whereas my BRS-3000T gas stove only needed 14g. It does need a gas canister, which weighs 70g more than my alcohol fuel bottle. It rolls up inside the can and works great.



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