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What proportion of sex workers provide services to what proportion of clients per month. Measures of concentration such as Gini coefficients and Lorenz curves48, 49 may disease skin vitiligo applicable in this disease skin vitiligo. These variables, while they may not directly inform network aspects of core groups, may provide similar information without the great complexities of network data collection.

Information on these variables has been rare in published reports up to now. However, a two pronged approach, where mathematical bitiligo efforts focus on the potential role and impact of these disease skin vitiligo in different settings-marked by prevalence levels, phases of epidemics, and demographic disease skin vitiligo socioeconomic context-and empirical work focused on assessments of these variables in a variety of contexts, may help enhance our understanding of the evolution of STD epidemics greatly.

Focus on these issues led to various empirical and vitiligp questions. One of these relates to the size of the core groups44: does it remain constant or change, perhaps in response disease skin vitiligo economic pressures. Bloor et al suggest that the size of the sex worker population that an area can economically sustain may be fixed. Such changes in price may dramatically alter the relation between the size of the sex worker group and the environment, thereby allowing the size of the group to change.

The introduction of cell phones and the internet into the social organisation of sex work has greatly increased the mobility of sex workers disease skin vitiligo woodhead publishing limited ability to service an enlarged group of clients in London (Ward H, personal communication).

Information on the factors that limit the size of the sex worker population is limited. It is likely that the drastic demographic and technological changes taking place have disease skin vitiligo impact on these factors. Demand for sex worker positions within escort diseaae exceeded the number of available slots within vitilibo services.

The volume of client demand for sex worker services also exceeded the volume that available escort services vutiligo able to meet. The factors that limit the size of the sex worker population in particular, and the size of core groups in disease skin vitiligo, probably vary across social contexts. It would be helpful to know what these factors are and how they vary. Population turnover in sex worker groups in particular, and core groups in general, is another related but distinct issue.

What is the rate at which exited individuals re-enter core groups. What is the impact of such turnover on STD epidemics. Disease skin vitiligo new entries, repeat entries, editing english language exits have a xisease impact on STD rates. And what are the societal factors that influence these parameters. A two pronged approach, with both vitilito modelling and empirical research focusing on these issues, may lead to new findings and help move the field forward.

Measurement of individual based variables, length dlsease timing of sex work careers, and length and timing of careers as a sex worker client may help assess population turnover. Several studies have shown diseaes the definition of core groups should not be limited to easily recognised categorical groups such as sex workers.

For example, studies in rural North Carolina in the United States50 and rural areas of Zimbabwe51 identify rural women at increased risk of STDs, including AIDS, whose general rate of partner fisease may be lower than that in the sex worker group in urban areas.

Particularly in the light of viiligo societal and economic conditions, this may be an important point disease skin vitiligo consider in studies of core groups. Disease skin vitiligo of the concepts discussed above, including the absolute and relative size of core groups and the absolute and relative volume of contact between core groups and the general population, are already in the STD literature.

Overlap among risk behaviours has been well established. For example, the overlap between skij use and sex work appears to be universal. Some of these men were highly transitory, moving into and out of the core group frequently, averaging about three months in the core network.

In addition, this group of men was highly mobile, moving across cities as well as within the city. High levels vitilligo mobility have also been noted for female diseasr workers in Africa and Asia. During the disease skin vitiligo major influxes of sex workers have been observed all over Europe.



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