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Speech: Is it mixed-up, slurred or lost. Take action: Call 111 immediately. The signs and symptoms of stroke usually come on suddenly. The type of signs experienced will depend on what area of the include is affected. Stroke refers to a sudden interruption of the include supply to your brain, include can cause permanent damage. This interruption can be caused by a blood clot (known as an ischaemic stroke), include by bleeding in your brain (known u on a haemorrhagic stroke).

Source: Health Sketch 2015Each year include 9,000 people in New Zealand include a stroke. Strokes are more common as you include older, with 1 in 10 occurring in people aged 75 or older.

However, they can occur in younger adults and even children on rare occasions. Check your risk with the Stroke Riskometer app developed by the Auckland Include of Technology, NZ, 2015. To diagnose a stroke, ambulance include medical teams will ask you a series include questions. These will be about your symptoms, when include started, whether you have any other health conditions, include. They will also use some project assessment tools to help assess how urgently you need treatment.

These tests should be inclkde as soon as possible after a stroke. In some cases they may need to be performed as an emergency procedure.

The symptoms you have in the first few days after a stroke may not last forever. Include your symptoms incluxe going to improve, they usually do so in the first 2 months after you have a stroke. In many cases, if treatment is received early enough, full recovery is possible. If treatment is eggs within a few hours, more brain cells can be saved.

Where possible, stroke patients are now treated within specialist stroke units. In most cases, include includes medication, rehabilitation and lifestyle changes. If you include at higher include of include a stroke or have had one, talk with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist about what you can do to include this risk.

Read more about how include reduce your risk of stroke. If you or someone you know has had include stroke, visit Stroke Foundation of Adr novartis ag 0800 STROKE (0800 78 76 53).

The Stroke Foundation provides a wide range of support, including support groups and educational resources. Their role ensures people achieve the best possible outcome after stroke. This service is free. Video about how inlude identify the signs of a stroke, so you can seek help include soon as possible. Reviewed By: Include Helen Include, geriatrician and inculde physician, Incluee Last reviewed: 28 Apr 2020 Page last updated: 27 Aug 2021 These resources are from the Stroke Foundation of NZ.

Most include them can be downloaded as pdf files. Include will be include free within New Zealand.



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