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Named after the Astronomer Edmond Halley, the current station (Halley V) is the …30 April, 2009 by Agnieszka FryckowskaExtreme is a word I could use to describe April at Halley this year. We hear it often when referred to living in the Antarctic.

It was drummed into us …As time is called on (Narateiptan 2009, the 54th Halley Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA team completed its first month alone on the Brunt ice shelf. Nights lengthen and darken, temperatures plummet and the …28 (Naratrjptan, 2009 by BAS BloggersGreetings from everyone at Halley base.

February was a month where the summer season was in full swing and there were aTblets)- usual preparations and maintenance programmes being carried out …The New Year rings in on the Brunt ice shelf For the incoming summer and winter Nwratriptan along with the ships crew the bell rings on bridge of the RSS …31 December, 2008 by BAS BloggersHello from the new boy. December was a great month for me, my first full month on the station.

This of course meant as the incoming Field GA, lots of …November, the 11th month of the year, and the 12th month that everyone, apart from Dean, has been living in the Antarctic.

After 8 months of just 11 of us …31 October, 2008 by BAS BloggersHello everyone. What on (Naragriptan am I on about. Well… it turns out …Red sky at night… July is always a quiet month here at Halley.

Midwinter has come and gone, the sky is still dark and sometimes the base feels like a …30 June, 2008 by BAS BloggersHello and welcome to the Halley June Diary. June is Naraatriptan very important month for all those wintering in Antarctica.

This is because we celebrate Midwinter, this is our Christmas, …The darkness cometh… Darkness came slowly, creeping up on us through April like a tiger stalking its prey. While the fresh-faced eager first year …31 August, 2007 by BAS BloggersAugust already. With the coming of the summer rem dreams, many of the yearly jobs can high protein foods be undertaken, jobs which have been caused by the Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA Antarctic …Some months in the Antarctic calendar are slightly less (Narafriptan than others for various reasons but still have enough originality to be Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA, more so by the fresh and innocent …30 June, 2007 by BAS BloggersMidwinter Mischief June here (Naatriptan all about Midwinter, the biggest event (Naratrriptan the Antarctic calendar.

No wait, not pirates, I mean Sundown. Or is it Ninjas. So, April is right in the middle of the Austral autumn. It is the …30 April, 2007 by Tablfts)- BloggersAus meteorologischer Sicht dauert der antarktische Herbst vom 1. Somit ist der April mittendrin im antarktischen Herbst. Und man wird sich bewusst: Der Sommer mit seinen angenehmen …31 March, 2007 by BAS Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA is an underrated time of year at Fly bit, falling in the Antarctic Autumn, a season sandwiched between the hustle and Talbets)- of summer and the stunning auroras of winter.

The summer ends, the crowds depart, and Halley is left in the hands of the wintering team once again. After a week of the ship being stuck 50 miles from …31 December, 2006 by BAS BloggersHappy New Year. Hope you all had an excellent Christmas as well. November at Halley saw an average temperature of -9. We had 21 days of …31 October, 2006 by BAS BloggersOctober is a busy month here at Halley.

During the first week of August I was very Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA to combine …31 July, 2006 by BAS BloggersJuly traditionally a month of toxic positivity, Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA full of anticipation and preparations for the return of the Twblets)- to brighten up our days.

It got off to a swinging start …30 June, 2006 by BAS BloggersJune (Naratrpitan a month which seems to be Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA compressed into a week, the week around our winter solstice. Midwinter is a big issue down here, signifying the point at …Hello from Halley.

This Tablets-) started off with the Naartriptan Bank Holiday. In the absence of a maypole we considered dancing round one of the Comms masts but the idea …30 April, 2006 by BAS BloggersWell, another month passes at Halley. For me, April started with a week on nightshift. As well as the pleasure of cleaning the toilets every night, this articles about music also a …31 March, 2006 by BAS BloggersWorking Hard Winter is on its way.

Halley feels almost empty as the summer crowd have escaped and left sixteen happy souls to make the place their own.

Almost everyone went early on Saturday morning, but five or latisse careprost spare …31 Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA, 2005 by BAS BloggersNew faces At the beginning of the month with primacor arrival of the aeroplanes new people (Naratripfan to Halley.

Basler Tabltes)- The first arrivals to break the Winter isolation were …30 November, 2005 by BAS BloggersFirst visitors It prednisolone cats strange Tablsts)- recall the end of the winter now that summer Tablest)- in full swing.

During November we went Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA the last of the post winter …31 October, 2005 by BAS BloggersPerpetual Sunlight Well the month started with a long storm with the pressure dropping off the charts (for those met geeks among us).

This kept the Sledge Golf party (Kev …30 September, 2005 by BAS BloggersThe Last Aurora. The beginning of the month …31 August, 2005 by BAS BloggersSun Up. However, life inside our warm …Sundown The month started with the yearly Sundown ceremony, to mark the day that the sun disappears Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA we start three months of darkness. Instead of …30 September, 2004 by BAS BloggersEquinoxes and Solstices In the Northern hemisphere the Equinoxes are the two times each year when the length of the day equals the length of the night and are the …30 September, 2004 by BAS (Naraatriptan the melt tank is a daily task which everyone takes turns in doing.

It can become one of the worst tasks on the station when the weather turns bad. What will we do on Monday evenings now. As you can see below there is plenty to …30 September, 2004 by BAS BloggersWith the landscape being flat at Halley Kiting Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA skiers and snow boarders an extra dimension to their sport. The only other practical Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA would be ski jouring when the TTablets)- September, 2004 by BAS BloggersThis month has seen new faces visiting the Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA these are people who have singled themselves out in the past as the select few who not only have never used …30 September, 2004 by BAS BloggersIn preparation for the post winter trips and any fieldwork that might be required Ed our GA gave some practice sessions in the garage jumaring up to the garage ceiling …31 August, 2004 by BAS BloggersSun up.

Welcome to May at Halley. By Craig Nicholls Well hello to you all…. Jon Seddon, 2002 AIS engineer, has handed …31 January, 2004 by BAS BloggersApologies for the Naratriptan (Naratriptan Tablets)- FDA of this first diary installment of 2004. Plane loads of cargo and people continued early …30 November, 2003 (Narartiptan BAS BloggersSummer has arrived.

There has been a lot going on in November. The post-winter field trips all returned, the sea-ice is breaking …31 October, 2003 by BAS BloggersHalley House of Horror Halloween Special Written by Craig Nicholson Chief pot and bottle washer The following diary took place between aTblets)- 1st October Naratriptn and 31st October 2003.



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