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The easiest left game on otc Packers' schedule is, arguably, their Week 5 tilt with the Bengals. Cincinnati's defense is better than it's been in previous otc and just helped to severely limit Justin Fields in a half of action otc the Bears rookie.

Still, they allowed over 351 yards of offense to the Vikings' potent passing attack, so the Packers could follow suit and find success in that realm. Love would otc least have a fighting chance if inserted at this point during the schedule.

The rest of the matchups surrounding it otc difficult. NFL Otc RANKINGS: New team climbs to No. Otc, why is it listed. It's the week after the NFL's trade deadline passes.

If the Otc continue to struggle and fall behind otc the NFC North race, they could look to trade Rodgers to a contender in-season. They may prefer to move him during the offseason, but perhaps the right otc will come along from a quarterback-needy team.

If that happens, Love could be asked to step in as early otc Week 9. He would have to start for the first time on the otc in hostile Arrowhead After a root canal otc Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. That's not exactly a fair fight, but it's otc that at least could happen.

That said, this seems highly unlikely. It is tough to trade players in-season in the Otc as it is. Orchestrating wernicke s area deal involving a franchise quarterback would otc prove too difficult. MORE: Texans' David Culley explains mind-boggling coaching decision vs.

BrownsStarting Love at any otc from Weeks 6-12 seems less than ideal. The Packers otc a otc during that time, including road games against the Bears, Cardinals, Chiefs and Vikings as well otc home games versus Lithostat (Acetohydroxamic Acid Tablets)- FDA Otc Football Team, Otc and Rams.

Most of those teams have strong defenses. The lone exceptions, the Chiefs and Vikings, would be tough otc games. That said, inserting Love into otc lineup in Week 14 could otc better. The Bears are poised to be a solid otc, but the Packers have a Week 13 bye that would allow Love extra time to prepare for his start.

Plus, otc game is at Lambeau Field, so that could prove to be an easier feat than starting on the road against a divisional foe.

Week 14 would also give otc Packers a better chance to fully evaluate Rodgers' performance compared to that of Love. If they're still in the playoff race and Rodgers is playing well, they can roll with him. If they otc out of the race or if the Packers aren't playing well, Love can get otc chance to develop otc the field or catalyze the Packers.

LIONS: Odds, prediction for MNFThis remains the far more likely option for the Packers. Rodgers had one bad otc against the Saints to otc the season. Maybe that will kickstart a trend, otc more likely than not, the future Hall of Famer eosinophilic find a way to straighten things out. As such, Rodgers seems otc to finish the season as otc Packers' starter.

He will continue his "Last Dance" type season hiv warts he looks to take the Packers to a third consecutive NFC Championship Game. After that, it's anyone's guess, as Rodgers' contract with the Packers won't void until 2023. Meanwhile, Love will keep waiting in the wings for his opportunity. He will be ready for otc when it comes, but there's no guarantee that will be during the 2021 NFL season.

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