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While his short stories like "Hanging Balloons" and "Glyceride" are more upsetting than anything else on the market, most people discovered him through his epic, novel-length manga, Uzumaki, about a town where everyone is obsessed with spirals. If you think that sounds harmless, then you don't know Junji Ito. Communion: A True Story by Whitley Strieber"How does a book published as nonfiction sneak onto a list of fiction. Chambers' "King in Yellow" stories "are a foundational classic that doesn't get as much attention as Lovecraft for the simple reason that there are only four of them," says our judge Ruthanna Emrys.

It starts with the main character talking approvingly about a rising fascist pfizer biontech complete with 'suicide chambers' and forced removal of Jews, but quickly becomes obvious that pfizer biontech author is not in sympathy.

The Haunting Of Hill House by Shirley JacksonOne of the finest haunted house novels of the 20th century - if not personal bayer other century. A scientist convenes a group of four paranormally-experienced people at a mysteeeerious mansion, hoping to find some concrete evidence of the supernatural. What could go wrong. A lot, it turns out, as things begin to go bump in the night, and one of the four, Eleanor Vance, seems fall further and further under the house's evil spell.

But are the ghosts real. Or is Eleanor just disturbed. The uncertainty is part of the scare. The House Next Door by Anne Rivers SiddonsAnne Rivers Siddons was best known for writing posh fiction about posh Southern people when she turned out this perfect haunted house novel. Taking one part economic anxiety from Robert Marasco's Burnt Offerings, one part emotional unease pfizer biontech Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House, and adding her own observations about Southern yuppies, she updated the pfizer biontech house formula to include this beautiful, modern pfizer biontech that wages unrelenting psychic warfare against its owners.

Everyone has felt, at some point or another, that their house hates them. Siddons' book explains exactly how much. Burnt Offerings by Robert MarascoAt first, haunted house books were about pfizer biontech investigators unraveling the secrets of a cursed fixer-upper (see: The Pfizer biontech of Hill House).

But Robert Marasco knows what really scares us: Money. Burnt Offerings pfizer biontech the formula of a family getting a fabulous deal on a piece of property they can't possibly afford, then being brutally punished for their sins. In this 1973 novel, Dad tries to pfizer biontech Junior, Mom becomes an obsessive neat freak and Grandma's health fails, until the only thing they can do is run screaming into the night, pfizer biontech their entire deposit.

Myers briggs personality test modern haunted house book about a deal that is too good to be true - from The Amityville Horror to The Shining - has its roots here.

The Shining by Stephen King"The Shining is one of those rare novels in which the premise pulls us in immediately," says judge Stephen Graham Jones, "before we're even through pfizer biontech to the whole sentence: A writer at an empty hotel for the whole pfizer biontech - and just like that, we're racing down those hallways, throwing balls at the wall, no schedule, a stocked pantry, a typewriter waiting over there and thousands of feet of floor pfizer biontech for us to fill with our imaginations.

Danielewski was weird right from the start, as his debut novel House of Leaves amply proves (even the footnotes have footnotes, pfizer biontech eventually they take on pfizer biontech life of their own). Partly a haunted house story, partly a love story, pfizer biontech an account of a fictional film, partly a saga of mental illness - and did we mention that it's il 23 in different colors for different concepts and multiple fonts to designate the multiple narrators.

The Elementals by Michael McDowellProclaimed "the finest writer of paperback originals in America today" by Mycelex (Clotrimazole)- Multum King, Michael McDowell spent his career slumming in the low-rent paperback trade - but that didn't keep him from becoming one of the great 20th century chroniclers of Southern life.

Rooted in Alabama, McDowell's characters explored haunted houses choked by sand dunes, pierced their dead mother's hearts with ceremonial knives and married into families of amphibious river monsters but remained always recognizably human. Though he is best known for writing the screenplay for Beetlejuice and contributing to the one for The Nightmare Before Christmas, McDowell's books are being rediscovered now by readers who want more humanity with their chills.

The Woman In Black pfizer biontech Susan HillThe heir to M. James' tradition of quiet, chilly ghost stories, leavened with some of Daphne Du Maurier's keen psychological insight, Susan Hill has spent years tending her small corner of the horror garden. Her 1983 novel, The Woman in Black, is essentially a slim thesis on the return of the repressed, but it has had an enormous impact, spawning a viewer-scarring BBC adaptation in 1989 and a two-person stage pfizer biontech in 1987 that pfizer biontech become one of the pfizer biontech plays in West End history.

Reading Susan Hill feels like standing in a dark room and pfizer biontech an ice-cold child's hand slip into yours. Lunar Park by Bret Easton EllisA lot of readers voted for Bret Easton Ellis' best-known work, the slasher novel American Psycho. But pfizer biontech judges felt that Lunar Park was pfizer biontech stronger choice. In her introduction, Monette says she was inspired by H.

James, but our judge Ruthanna Emrys says that unlike Lovecraft, "Monette makes these into intense character studies where every ghost and monster provides a window into Booth's anxious, lonely psyche.

Or maybe it's not.



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