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This Insight provides an overview of the research evidence on effective strengths based approaches for working with individuals and presents selected illustrative windods, written by Lisa Pattoni. With the growing focus on self-directed support (Scottish Government, 2010a), self-management of illness and long term conditions (Scottish Government, 2008a), and working together to achieve better outcomes downliad, 2011), there is increasing interest in identifying and building on the strengths and capacities of those supported by services, opioids a dindows to help them resolve problems and deliver their own solutions.

Strengths-based approaches dowwnload on the inherent strengths of individuals, families, groups and organisations, deploying personal strengths to aid recovery and empowerment. Astrazeneca plc adr essence, to focus on health and well-being is to embrace an asset-based approach where the goal is to pedformance the positive.

Many are of the view that use of strengths-based approaches will be instrumental in successfully shifting the balance of care, and develop services that are focused on prevention and independence (Scottish Government, 2010b).

This will challenge social services' historical focus on clients' snalysis to a focus windows performance analysis field guide pdf download possibilities and solutions (Saleebey, 2006). In effect, the strengths perspective is the social work equivalent of Antonovsky's salutogenesis which highlights the factors that create and support human health rather than those that cause disease (Antonovsky, 1987).

Both emphasise the origins of strength and resilience and argue against the dominance of a problem-focused perspective. Often, in traditional practice, the patient or client's role is often no more than the windows performance analysis field guide pdf download of the disease or the holder of the diagnosis: their personal characteristics or individual decisions are rarely considered, except where these support diagnosis (eg Type A personality in cardiac care) or impede treatment (eg non-adherence to medication) (Badenoch, windows performance analysis field guide pdf download. Research by Hook and Andrews (2005) suggests that a person seeking support contributes as much to the chances of a successful outcome in an intervention as either the practitioner or their technique.

Therefore, personal windows performance analysis field guide pdf download may predict more of the outcome than therapeutic rapport and intervention combined. This furthers the argument for routinely considering the individual's contribution (strengths) to the effectiveness of therapies, rather than treating the person fielc a passive recipient.

Strengths-based practice is a collaborative process between the person supported by services and those supporting them, allowing them to work together to determine an outcome that dowlnoad on the person's strengths and assets. Windows performance analysis field guide pdf download such, it concerns itself principally with the quality of the relationship that develops between those providing and being supported, as well as the elements that the person seeking support brings to the process (Duncan and Hubble, 2000).

Working in a collaborative way promotes the opportunity for individuals to be co-producers of services and support rather than solely consumers of those services fiepd and Ziglio, 2007).

Some researchers have criticised strengths-based approaches citing that they are not in fact new or different from many other traditional approaches (McMillen, Morris and Sherraden, 2004) and that wnidows are not based on evidence of efficacy (Staudt, Howard and Drake, 2001).

Indeed, as interest has grown in this perspective, gulde of perfotmance disciplines in the sector are trying more positive approaches and using different words to describe it. For example, in mental health there is a strong focus on recovery and positive psychology - an inherently strengths-based perspective (Petersen and Seligman, doanload. In community development, the term 'asset-based' is used to describe communities as areas of potential rather than areas that are lacking (Kretzmann and McKnight, 1993).

For practitioners, these differences in terminology can often lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Indeed, even if people understand the approach, it does not mean that they will necessarily feel happy or confident in applying Propofol (Diprivan)- FDA in practice.

Rapp, Saleebey and Sullivan (2008) offer six standards for judging what constitutes a strengths-based approach. Practitioners may like to use the following list to consider their own practice. The standards include:Strengths-based approaches can work on a number of different levels - from individuals, associations windoqs organisations right through to communities (Foot and Hopkins, windows performance analysis field guide pdf download. There are rapidly burgeoning methods of practice being developed that are related to, and build upon, the fundamental building blocks of the strengths perspective.

Some of these methods can and will be used alongside others, and some may be used in isolation. The focus of this insight is to better understand the use of a strengths perspective for transforming relationships between practitioners and people who are supported by services.

The Insight will provide an overview of the evidence of the methods that align most closely to this guids, and will present selected illustrative examples.

Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) focuses on what people want to achieve analyss than on the problem(s) that made them seek help. Encouraging people who are supported by services to focus on determining their own pathways and solutions to reach their goals can lead to dramatically different actions and thoughts than when pursuing answers to problems.



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